Registering data in data store can be removed once the map get published as service

03-28-2016 01:38 PM
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I like to know, whether the registered data connection in data store can be removed, once the map document gets published as layer.


Suriya Prakash B S

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Yes, a Registered Data Connection CAN be removed from ArcGIS Server after any 'Mapping service' (not layer) is published. However, any mapping service that uses that data connection will no longer work. (breaks the service - no data).

To Clarify, a Layer is not published.. A REST/SOAP Mapping Service is published based on content in the mxd. A 'Layer' can be published and interpreted by Portal if Federated with ArcGIS Server.... perhaps that is what you are referring to but it is still a Mapping service in ArcGIS Server.