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Python 3 on ArcGIS Server Linux 10.8.0

08-29-2020 03:39 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am installing ArcGIS Server 10.8.0 (Linux version) on a Cento 7 OS server.  We are publishing geoservices from ArcPro (I also use a script to publish these services from a service definition file).  All our python code is 3.6 for the geoservices.

The problem is that I need to install python modules (suds-py3, cvxopt, lxml, sqlalchemy, ....).  Is it possible to load up these modules on the ArcGIS Server for python?  The documentation seems to say NO for Linux (should have read first!), and shows a way for windows.

I was hoping that I just misunderstood something and there is a way.  Seems like a big issue if you can't add modules.

Also,  I was told by a colleague that you can setup ArcMap to use python 3 for geoservices.  I don't believe this is correct, could not find any documentation on this.  Am I correct - I thought you had to go to ArcGIS Pro if you want to use Python3.

Thanks for any Help!

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I'm not sure which python you're referring to, but the docs do say that you need to install conda and the arcgis-server-py3 conda package on the ArcGIS Server to use python3. In which case, it technically should be safe to install any module you need, as long as it's done on a conda environment you create and own.

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