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07-06-2016 04:30 AM
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Hi everyone! I have been looking around for an answer to this, but without success:

I have a reference dataset with routes that I use for linear referencing events in Desktop. Is there a way to publish this to Server as a service so that I can:

  1. send a route and a measure and get the coordinate in return (similar to the tool "Locate Features Along Routes"), and also the other way around:
  2. send a coordinate and get the corresponding linear reference (route + measure) in return, similar to the tool "Locate Features Along Routes"
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Have you tried publishing a geoprocessing service with a reference to the dataset?

What is a geoprocessing service?—Documentation | ArcGIS for Server

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I have not tried that yet. Guess I'll have to look a bit more into the how-to-s of GP services ...

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We handle all of this sort of work through a Server Object Extension (SOE) that we worked with a vendor to help customize for our purposes but it accomplishes locates as well as dynamic segmentation.

About extending services—Documentation | ArcGIS for Server