Publishing in Progress...just hangs and fails

06-27-2016 11:22 AM
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Hi There,

I am having some issues with publishing map services for ArcGIS 10.4 server machine that I recently upgraded. Here are some additional details:

  • Map service has large number of layers (100 feature classes)
  • Created sd file successfully
  • Publishing creates E:\arcgisserver\directories\arcgissystem\arcgisinput\TEST2\TEST_MapService.MapServer but still missing manifest.json
  • Don’t see any errors in the log, with verbose log setting, see no errors there.
  • From  GP error log (ArcGIS Desktop), it shows that GP svc failed after an hour so I increased the The maximum time a client can use a service to 2 hours, hoping this helps.

I would still like to know what Is taking the time, appreciate any suggestions. Here are some screenshot. 

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Hey Jay,

A service should publish very quickly.  I have come across long publish times (and failures) when a shared config-store among a high availability stack was using a crappy disk NAS array...(it was arcgis server file issues). e.g. OpsLock = true

Confirm there are no permissions issues with arcgis server and your publisher account as well as permissions for arcgis server and the data.

Also have you tried using arcgis server manager to bring in the successful SD file?

Are there other services running on the Web Stack without issue?  (is this the mxd specific publish or arcgis server web stack?)

Is the Stack Federated?

Is the Stack using Web Tier Windows Auth? (through web adaptors?)

Are you publishing through the web adaptor or direct 6443 (https). ?

of course Im sure you have checked to ensure the publishing GP is running.

Ive done a few 10.4 HA (including HA portal) load balanced installed.

Call me if you have any other questions.

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Thanks Michael for your comments. Looking at network traffic, seems like 10.4 shows way more traffic than 10.3 (130/30). With 100+ layers, it explains why publishing is taking lot longer.

I also noticed there is a bug reported in April, 2016 with ESRI support: Bug BUG-000096095

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I am curious what the differences are.  With the setup I have implemented, we have one service that has 123 layers in one mxd, no issues publishing. (approx 7 minutes). All layers are sourced to a FileGeodatabase on a network pathed mounted virtual disk which can be accessed by the multi node arcgis servers. There are no FeatureAccess enabled for this specific service.

Seeing that you have found a bug, we dont seem to be experiencing it here...(shrug).

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Hi Michael, In our case, data is coming from sde. The time to publish the service in 10.3 (from service definition) takes only 12 seconds.You are right, with File GDB, I didn't notice any difference. I came across this on Geonet: Why would services would take 100x longer to publish in 10.4 vs 10.2.    

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Derek Law​ just announced these is a patch fro the 10.4.1 service publishing slowdown

ArcGIS for Server Publishing Patch

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Thanks for the info...I am looking forward to testing this patch, hoping it resolves the issues that I am having.  

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