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Publishing a Service to ArcServer (10.3) via Python issue

12-19-2019 08:33 AM
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I'm trying to re-publish a set of maps onto my ArcServer after making some changes to the MXDs.  My general process is:

1.  CreateMapSDDraft (primarily sending in the map DOC object of the MXD, the connection file path, and the type of  "ARCGIS_SERVER" )   Here's the code:  arcpy.mapping.CreateMapSDDraft(mapDoc, sddraft, service_name, 'ARCGIS_SERVER' , connection, True,serverFolder )

2. Change some capability/configuration items and store off in a newSDDraft,

3. Analyze the new SDDraft

4. Stage the new SDDraft to an SD file

5. Upload the new SD file.

The issue is that while it's not throwing errors while going through the process and does successfully re-publish, it doesn't pick up the currently existing capabilities and configurations (like the description).    I have watched it shut down and restart the service so I know it's at least going through the motions.  It appears to just reset the defaults from the .MXD for the tags and whatnot, and the capabilities to the standard "KML" and "Map Server" as if the service had not been re-published. 

I suspect the issue is in the CreateMapSDDraft where it all begins, but I've tested the URL I'm sending in for the service and can hit it in a browser along with all the other paths.


Any ideas ?!!?!?!

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