Publish raster dataset as image service with attributes?

11-08-2017 12:32 PM
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I want to publish a series of 8-bit unsigned raster datasets that represent land cover as image services on my ArcGIS server. I am able to publish the raster as an image service, but none of the attributes are carried from my local raster dataset into the ArcGIS server geodatabase. How do I publish a raster dataset with the attributes so that the attributes can be exposed in a popup in a web app or AGOL web map?

I've created an example image service here. You can pull the image into ArcGIS desktop or AGOL, but there are no attributes associated with the raster image.

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Did you enable Catalog operation under Imaging Capability (Service Editor Window)?

Key concepts for sharing an image service—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 

  • Catalog—Allows clients to open the tables of a mosaic dataset.

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Thanks Jayanta. I'm not able to enable the catalog operation. It sounds like that is only applicable to mosaic datasets. I solved my problem today, but I'm not quite sure why yet. Either including a raster attribute table function xml file during the upload solved the problem, or enabling WMS/WCS functionality on the service did. When I have a better understanding of how I fixed my issue, I will provide an answer.

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  I have the same issue.  How did you do it or did you learn?

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