Publish "dimension feature class" to Feature Layer

04-08-2022 06:11 AM
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Hi All,

By ref to the link:

I did can successfully create the dimension feature. May I know if the created data can be publish to ArcGIS server, e.g. as a feature layer that for viewing in Web?

I think view only will be good but if any JS API can allow to edit / create will be the a bonus for me then.


See if any experience can be share, thanks.


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You should be able to publish as a map service on your ArcGIS Server, and consume that as a map image layer in your webmap/app.

But I doubt if you can add that as a feature layer in your app and do edits.

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Thx, image layer did work, we exploring if any other way to create new record e.g. SOE may be

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