PUblish ArcGIS Services in multiple environments using a single SD file

10-22-2020 05:43 AM
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Hi Everyone,

We have ArcGIS Enterprise in multiple environments - DEV, STA, and PROD, and 3 oracle databases per environment with same schema and layer names. I am looking for a methodology to publish services in multiple environments using a single MXD and a SD file. I am sure there are some ways to that, so that we don't need to create 3 MXDs per each environment and publish them separately. If anyone has done this before or have knowledge, i would be grateful to know.

Many thanks,


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Hi Sushil,

You will need 3 separate MXDs referencing the correct Oracle instance, and then create the SD file.  I worked with a customer where we did something similar.  We had a script that would copy the MXD to the desired environment, remap the MXDs layers to the other Oracle instance, then publish the service.

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Hi Jake,

Thanks for your response. This sounds exactly what we are looking for i guess. Is the script shareable to have a look, i have not seen that sort of scripts?



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