publish a model builder to export shapefile and/or gdb

04-25-2022 11:35 PM
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I need to publish a model builder to export shapefile and/or gdb on ArcGIS Server.

Data source is declare on ArcGIS Server. I need the result as a zip file.

So, I need to know :

- How will I declare a temp folder like in_memory to store temp shapefile and/or gdb ?

- How will I make a zip with this files or folder ?

- How will I send this zipfile to the user ? I think it's with using parameter or live something blank like print template but i didn't find any documentation to help me.

Thanks for your answeR.

Guillaume ARNAUD

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If you have an arcmap install around somewhere Geoprocessing service example: Clip And Ship—ArcGIS Server | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise would be a good model to pick through as it produces a zip in model builder.


if you use %scratchfolder% in the model Managing intermediate (scratch) data in shared model and script tools—ArcMap | Documentation (arcgis... , on publishing, it will be repathed to a memory/scratch folder on arcgis server.

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Hi, is there something like that to extract and send some item from a table ? 

I need to do this for a database with 3 entity class and 28 tables. Actually I have this thing but its in local :

This one call other function


This one clip geographical object and store it in gdb + shp


This one copy all table in the gdb + export it in multiple dbf


This one select entry which is needed in function of entityt selected and copy them in tables in the gdb + export it in multiple dbf


The result is something like that : 




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thank you. I will try tomorrow.

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