After ArcGIS Enterprise Portal update from 10.81 to 10.91 Dashboard apps doesn't work

04-27-2022 05:12 AM
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Hey everyone,

Over the weekend, we upgraded ArcGIS Enterprise from version 10.81 to version 10.91. In post-upgrade tests, we noticed that some of the Portal Dashboards have broken down and give error messages: 'Data source error'. I tried to fix the Dashboards by editing them and re-adding map layers, but it didn't help. Have others come across broken Dashboards in the 10.91 release of ArcGIS Enterprise and how have you fixed them?


Thanks in advance for the tips.

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Did you have any identical or at least similar Dashboards setup in a development or test environment to see how an upgrade would impact Dashboards before upgrading production?

I would definitely be interested in hearing how you resolved the issue(s).

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