Problems with token-based hosted services in Operation Dashboard

12-09-2021 09:34 AM
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Dear all

We have an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment: Portal  + hosted Server. Both components are behind a reverse proxy.

I have migrated some dashboards from another Portal and have published the services as hosted. Services have been configured to be accessed only a the organization level ("ArcGIS Enterprise").

I can log into Portal without problems using the external URL (https://<proxy-url>/portal/....), but, when I try to access to any of the dashboards using that external URL, a loging form appears asking for open a session at Portal... but using the Web Adaptor local URL (https://localmachine.domain.local/portal/apps/opsdashboard/... )

I have checked and all services are pointing to the correct external URL. Indeed, if I open the Dashboards and services to "Everyone" the login panel does not appears and all work fine....

Did I forget to configure something?

Thank you in advance

Jesús de Diego 






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