Image Service: Can publish from ArcMap but not Pro?

12-08-2021 11:09 PM
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Our on premise Enterprise install has a web adaptor pointing to 'Server' (2 servers, including one designated as a hosting server using Datastore and with an Image Server role license) and 'Image' (a single server with an Image Server role)

When publishing an image service from ArcMap, it works fine.

When trying to publish an image server from Pro, it reports that server (either 'Server' or 'Image') is not licensed for that role?!

When looking at the servers through manager, it reports that both do have Image Server role licensed/active.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is and how to fix it?


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Hello Tim,

What version of ArcMap, Pro, and Image Server?

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Pro 2.7
Arcmap + enterprise at 10.81
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