problem in my app when I active security in service on Arcgis server.

04-19-2016 05:09 AM
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Hello friends,

I'm having problem in my app when I active security in service on Arcgis server.

I active and try to acess my app, and the follow error appear:

arcgis app.PNGjava.lang.NullPointerException: Input stream is null.

I'm Redirect to this link "https://XXXX.pmjg.lan/XXXXX/tokens//home/signin.html?returnUrl=http%3A//XXXXX.pmjg.lan/XXXX/ ", but with I pause app execution I see this error on console:

jimu.js init...

Load Config: 3830.082ms

Error: Token Required(…)


Arcgis Server 10.4

Portal 10.4

App create with App builder 1.3

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How is your app passing credentials to the token service?

Are you using a proxy page?

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Although I can't answer your question right off, below are some links and a tutorial to help with proxies.  I've been using the older 0.9 version of the proxy and I'm working on updating to the newer version myself.

Setting up a Proxy | Support Services Blog

Setting up a proxy with Web AppBuilder Developer Edition | Support Services Blog

Using the proxy | Guide | ArcGIS API for JavaScript

ArcGIS Online Implementation Guidance—Trust ArcGIS | ArcGIS

I have some other links re: proxies and secure services on Web AppBuilder Developer Edition - Customization Resource List     ...under the "pinned pages/links" section.

btw - I'm also still using 10.2.2 but plan to upgrade to 10.4.1 so will follow this thread.

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Hi, its an old post but i have same problem too.

i am using Arcgis server active directory authorization for securing rest services.

when i add a secured service to portal 10.6 i can see a login screen and i can use my active directory user credentials to see layer in my webmap.

But when i use that webmap in an application made with WAB developer edition and deploy my own server, i have that same error with blank white page just after seeing my basemap;

java.lang.NullPointerException: Input stream is null.

Redirected page adres. (cbs is my web adaptor name that same for server and portal side.yyy aplication foldername in wwwroot folder.): 

Also i get that error message with this page;

We want to use our active directory user credentials to authorize rest service address for WAB web applications .

Thank you.

web appbuilder error‌ arcgisserver‌ arcgisportal rest service token #web-appbuilder

ArcGIS GIS Server Advanced 10.6

Arcgis Portal 10.6

WebApp Builder Developer Ed. 2.8

NonFederated Server-Portal

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