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Post edits to a protected default branch version owned by db user?

11-06-2020 11:05 AM
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I am trying to use branch versioning to post edits to the default version which has "Protected" access. My default version is named sde and owned by a database user named sde. The database user account is not a portal user. Is it possible to post these edits, or do I have to set this up completely different?

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Hi @KadeSmith , did you or any one find a way to do this?

Ideally, logging in as a SDE user to a branch versioned sde connection, we would like to keep the SDE.DEFAULT version PROTECTED for all the schemas.

Edit users from different schema would make a version from SDE.DEFAULT, but each schema owner should have the ability to  reconcile and post the edits from different users.

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No, I did not resolve this issue. After talking with tech support, a bug was logged, and no the workaround is not ideal by any means:

#BUG-000136400 Error: insufficient permission received while posting edits from child versions in branch versioning


Change the access level of default version to public from protected.