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Portal item shows the Internal GIS Server URL - unable to add it to a map

11-28-2022 01:35 PM
Occasional Contributor III

Running ArcGIS Enterprise 1091. 

I published a map service from a registered data store to our enterprise environment. I can see it in Server Manager and Portal but when I try to add it to a map, I get the error 'Unable to add to map'.

In Server Manager, the rest url shows what I would expect:

In Portal, the url shows the internal/admin url: https://ip-12-190-111-80.internal:6443/arcgis/rest/services/folderName/serviceName

Why would this happen and what can I do to have the portal item display the correct external url?

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Try this. Log into Portal Administrator Directory, then under System, Properties, set the WebContextURL to be (for example)  Be sure to note what's originally there if you need to change it back.

More info here:

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