Portal for ArcGIS process zombie

06-09-2021 01:54 AM
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I have encountered a strange behavior of the Portal.
when I stop the ArcGIS Portal service, the services return active.

below a screen


do you have any ideas


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I stopped the portal again and managed to collect the Service Logs.


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What about the ArcGIS Server? javaw.exe could be indicating the running ArcGIS Server.

According to Inside an ArcGIS Server site 

Processes started by ArcGIS Server

You can expect to see the following operating system processes on any ArcGIS Server machine that is started and participating in a site:

  • One ArcGISServer.exe process
  • One ArcSOC.exe process for each running service instance. An exception is geoprocessing services, which have two ArcSOC.exe processes per running instance. Note that some of these processes are for internal system services, not services your users have published.
  • One rmid.exe process
  • Two javaw.exe processes. These provide basic application server functionality and the ability to host web services.
  • Two conhost.exe processes and one cmd.exe process. These are supplementary processes started by Windows to provide console services to ArcGIS Server processes.


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