Portal for ArcGIS licensing in 10.3

05-11-2015 06:58 AM
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The ESRI website says:

"With ArcGIS 10.3, Portal is included with ArcGIS for Server Standard and Advanced and includes a set of named user licenses"

Is it possible that under ELA not every Server license has tied Portal license?

The specific situation is as follows:

The client company has production, staging and development environments. The ArcGIS Server Advanced license is available for each environment.

But there's only one Portal license available - for production (and local Esri distibutor claims it can't be more).

Is is possible? Or maybe local distributor is not aware of new licensing?

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Hi Marcin,

Unfortunately, in case of an ELA, you will have one license of Portal for ArcGIS (PFA) consisting of a specified number of named-users in Portal for ArcGIS (e.g. 50). The number of named-users may vary. Check the portal license for the information on the number of named-users available.

In short, the number of PFA licenses/ number of named-users in PFA has no link with the number of ArcGIS Server licenses.

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Thanks Jayanta.

We found this restrictions quite strange, not to say ridiculous...

When we have a Server license we expect to have also a Portal license. Isn't it logical and along the line with abovementioned marketing materials?

We don't care named users so far. Just need to prepare some proof of concept in development.

Could someone from Esri confirm these strange regulations?