Permanently Deleting Content in ArcGIS Data Store

03-26-2018 08:01 AM
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Is there a way to permanently delete data from the ArcGIS Data Store? I notice when I delete a large amount of data through ArcGIS Pro from a hosted feature service (GB's worth of data being deleted), it doesn't actually delete the data from the server hosting the ArcGIS Data Store.

I have a limited amount of storage space on the server, and I need to be able to permanently delete the data, but it doesn't appear to delete it. It deletes it from the hosted feature service when viewing it through ArcGIS Pro or through Portal, but it doesn't actually free up any space. In addition, the daily data store backups continue to get larger even after deleting GB's worth of data.

Are there any solutions to this?

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The data should be deleted from the Data Store automatically when deleting a hosted feature service that uses that data. I imagine that the backups are taking up most of the space? If you run something like WinDirStat, can you determine which directory is consuming most of the space? You may need to update the retention policy of the Data Store to delete the backups quicker.

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I'm sorry, I completely forgot that I posted this. Deleting the actual hosted feature service itself will delete the data.

But I don't want to delete an entire feature service just to delete the data, because then I'll just have to re-create it. Deleting records through the hosted feature service through ArcGIS Pro only deletes it from our view in Pro/Portal, but it doesn't actually delete any content because the space available never increases (this is after deleting thousands of records with thousands of picture attachments).

I did ask this question at the UC and the solution was to disable and re-enable sync in the hosted feature service settings in Portal. While that did also wrecked the feature service (from a Survey123 form). That solution might work on basic feature services, but I have some more complicated ones with related tables/attachments.

I'm not having an issue with backups as they are getting stored on our file share and not on the VM itself.

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Are there are any solutions to this? Is there any way we can connect to the ArcGIS Data Store and compress it? Deleting a hosted feature service and re-creating it is not an acceptable solution just to free up space.

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This is a major issue for us, and just adding more storage as our database grows isn't an option. You'd think that if ESRI is locking us into using their datastore to manage web services and content that we would be provided with tools to do basic database maintenance and admin tasks.