Parcel Fabric Versioned Views (SQL Server)

06-27-2018 12:37 PM
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We work in a versioned environment using SQL server back end.

Whenever you 'register a table as versioned' a versioned view is created that sees everything the default version sees.

These views in SQL Server will either have _VW or _evw at the end of the table name depending on the release of the ArcGIS Enterprise database.

My question is why these views do not exist for the Parcel Fabric?

Is there any way to perform a direct SQL Query on the default version without doing some sort of elaborate join with the business table and the add and delete tables?

I am mostly concerned with the parcels table.

I realize that a compress will update the business table.

But it seems that some nights even though my reconcile, post, compress, index and analyze script runs without failure, the edits are not always visible in the business table the next morning.



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If you are not seeing the changes in the business table after the compress, it may be due to the fact that the state ID's were not present in all versions, so they could not be dropped.

This article explains it better:

In summary:

In your reconcile script, you should reconcile and post only desired versions against their parent.

In other words, reconcile and post upwards in order of ancestry.

For example, a grandchild version will be reconciled and posted to their parent, NOT their grandparent.

Do the same until you reach the default version.

No compress yet.

Then, reconcile (no post) downwards from default in order of descendants.

Then compress.


Another solution may be to register the data as versioned with the option to move edits to base.

This will allow edits made to default (either directly to default or reconciled and posted into default) to be read directly by a SQL query without needing to compress.

The catch is that conflicts would not be detected and will be overwritten.

"When you edit the DEFAULT version or post a version to DEFAULT, you do not have the ability to resolve conflicts, so it is possible to overwrite another user's edits."



Versioning for Dummies part 5 discusses branch versioning, as opposed to traditional versioning.

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The links you provided are very helpful.

I really need to read the whole Versioning for Dummies series.

Generally we use 3 tier versioning with a QC version below default that all our other versions are built from.

But the Parcel Fabric only allows for 2 tier versioning. (all versions off of default)

My nightly script reconciles and posts all grandchildren to their parent (QC), then QC to default.

Then it runs a second time, in the same order. (Not the reverse order like you suggested.)

It seems this method should still get all edits pushed up and down. (we only have a few versions off of QC)

Strangely, since some of our editors have been on vacation the last week, it has suddenly pushed all the edits to the base table and the adds and deletes tables are empty.

So maybe our method is not 100% because it seems like it took a few days for all the edits to get moved over to the base.

Thank you again for all your help!


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You're welcome!

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