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Open issues of ArcGIS Server 10.9.1

02-09-2022 09:29 PM
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We are planning to upgrade our ArcGIS Server to 10.9.1 version. Do we any constraints or open/stability issues that needs to be considered before upgrading server to 10.9.1

Please provide your inputs


Tarun V

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Hi @Tarunvisvanadula1994 ,

You can refer to Upgrade ArcGIS Server

I hope this helps.

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Esri Regular Contributor

There are currently 2 patches available for ArcGIS Server 10.9.1; one being for the setup of the software, and the other for renaming the machine ArcGIS Server is installed on.  After the upgrade finishes, but before going through the process in the browser, install both of these patches (will take about 15 minutes total). Upgrading fixes many issues, especially from 10.8.X and is highly recommended.

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I'm on my fourth client upgrade to 10.9.1 from 10.8.1.  The only issue I've encountered has been Anti-Virus and for the second, third and fourth clients I requested it to be turned off during the upgrade.

Other than that, patches as Shan has said.

And I echo Resse's sentiments.

Only thing to add is "Don't forget to apply the Log4Shell mitigation scripts".  

Scott Tansley
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