My organization is switching domains fom .com to .gov. Am I able to easily update my external Enterprise Server deployment (and internal Portal)

03-11-2021 08:54 AM
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We are switching from .com to .gov for all of our domain names. We have many services on an external facing AGServer site and also publish to AGOL.

Is there a mechanism to update the urls that the server site uses?

What about the deployment/server configuration?


Further, we have an internal AGPortal (federated) that uses two different servers.

What's the process to update the urls and server configs for that?


Thanks for any/all insight.

**EDIT: by 'easy' I'm more referring to editing the configs that are in place, as opposed to starting over with 5 servers from scratch...


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I see "easily" in your subject.  The easy button way without scripting or using the REST API to do a global URL change from .com to .gov is use GeoJobe Admin Tools (Pro) for ArcGIS Online and Portal.

There are other ways too.  I'll stop at easy for now.


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well, obvi, preferably easy...and probably free.

what else ya got? I'm all ears.

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The domain name is hardcoded into the files for published services (map services and hosted feature layers), and there's not an easy way to go about adjusting them.  I would reach out to Tech support or your account manager to talk about paths forward.