MuleSoft Anypoint Connector for ArcGIS?

01-16-2019 08:33 PM
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Hi "Geonet"ers,

Has anyone had any experience integrating MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange with ArcGIS Enterprise?  

Our utility organisation is looking toward using this technology for our Asset Management Software (IBM Maximo) so I have been asked to see our ArcGIS can leverage this technology also.

Surprisingly the MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange catalog and some initial Googling has failed to find any out of the box products. So we would be most interested in any knowledge of implementations or developments with ArcGIS and MuleSoft (Service Bus) integration?


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Hi Angelo,

AFAIK there is no standard Connector in MuleSoft for ESRI. With that said, ESRI exposes data over REST APIs. You maybe able to integrate using these APIs with MuleSoft.


Manik Magar

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Hoping to resurrect this conversation- has anyone here had success connecting  ESRI arcgis rest service to  #MuleSoft ?