Moving Tile Cache Datastore to new VM

05-14-2021 09:30 PM
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I am moving an ArcGIS Enterprise (10.8.1) from one VM to another.

I have been following the process to migrate where I am making it temporarily HA and then will turn the old one off, but have run into a block when trying to migrate the ArcGIS Datastore (configured with both Relational and Tile Cache stores on the same machine)

According to the documentation - ArcGIS Data Store command utility reference—Portal for ArcGIS | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise - "if you created the tile cache data store at 10.8 or chose cluster for the tile cache data store mode when you created it but you later find the cluster mode performs too slowly for you, you can switch the tile cache data store to primary standby mode if you don't truly need the storage afforded by multiple machines."

When i run the command below I get an error:
Command = configuredatastore https://<machine.domain>:6443 <admin> <password> D:\arcgisdatastore --stores tileCache --mode primaryStandby

Error = "You cannot migrate from a cluster mode to primary-standby mode. Please create a backup of your existing tile cache data store, and restore it on a new set of machines with option "--mode primaryStandby"."

Is there any way to move the TileCache Datastore while it is in cluster mode? Ideally it is not in cluster mode to be honest, it is not required for this environment and is likely a hangover of being installed at 10.8.




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