Moving physical server to virtual - Do I have to re-create all my services?

03-09-2017 09:03 AM
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Currently have Desktop and Server 10.3.1, Image Extension, SQL Server 2008 R2.   File geodatabases, Server, Image Extension and SQL currently on single physical server, WebAdaptor on a virtual. 

There is a new virtual server with my name on it, ready to receive my Server setup. The IT engineers didn't image it because they wanted a clean virtual server, no physical server bloatware.

Is there a way to replicate Server so I don't have to re-create all my services?  Or do I have to go back to the map documents once I install Server and Image Extension and re-create all my services like I did in the 9x to 10.0 upgrade?

Side note: Should I also upgrade Server? I can't upgrade Desktop yet due to 3rd party tools.  If I should upgrade Server, should it be 10.4.1 or 10.5? 

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Hi Amy,

If budget allows, first, get SQL Server upgraded above 2008 R2 (and onto its own virtual server) so you can smoothly move into 10.4/10.5

You might be able to use backup/recover ArcGIS Server site config file workflow.

A cleaner method would be to install ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 onto the new virtual server, then just add it to your default ArcGIS Server site cluster.

Then you can move the config store to the new server and trash the old physical ArcGIS Server.

By that time 10.5.1 will be your target update.


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I'd agree with Bill Fox‌ in that joining the new machine to the current site is the best way to migrate services and configurations.  Moving folders around may work, but it's not supported and may leave you in an unstable state.