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06-26-2018 04:21 PM
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We have recently upgraded our enterprise environment from 10.3.1 to 10.6. Due to the way the portal was initial configured the Portal directories (excluding "content") are located on the server at C:\arcgisportal. This folder includes the following subfolders:

  • backup
  • db
  • dsdata
  • index
  • logs
  • pgsql_9.6.3
  • temp

I want to move these subfolders to a new drive (E:\) we have configured on the server E:\arcgisportal. I know how to move the db, index, logs and temp folder via the portaladmin directory but I can see no way to move the other 3 subfolders :

  • backup
  • dsdata
  • pgsql_9.6.3. 

Is it possible to move these subfolders via the portaladmin directory or via some other means without breaking the portal or should they be left alone and kept in their original location. 

I see there is a "" file on the portal server at C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\etc which looks like this:

# At 10.2.1 you must use the Adminstrative API for Portal to add or update configuration properties.
# This file is used internally by the Portal.

# the 'nodeagent' section is used to configure the Portal daemon/service

# the 'dir' section is used to configure the directories required for Portal

I am guessing the the locvation of these folders has something to do withn the property in this file but I am unsure if I should be messing with it as I can see no way of changing this property via the portaladmin directory?

Any suggestions or help appreciated.



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by MVP

Help!  We have the same problem.  We have been able to move the following: 

  • LOGS - portaladmin/logs/settings
  • CONTENT DIR - portaladmin/system/directories/content
  • DB - portaladmin/system/directories/db
  • TEMP - portaladmin/system/directories/temp
  • INDEX - portaladmin/system/directories/index

Using Process Monitor, we can see the ArcGISPortal.exe is accessing content in the old: 

  • C:\content\dsdata\...
  • C:\content\<ugly_looking_guid>.dat
  • C:\content\backup

Furthermore, there is an arcgis-data-store-config.json file at C:\content\dsdata\etc that has a lot of references to the C:\content folder still

Ultimately our objective is to move the entire C:\content folder to a D:\

Thanks for any suggestions!

Jonathan Quinn‌ - Thoughts???

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I'll be honest, I won't be surprised if there are some folders in that default directory that aren't updated when related folders are moved. I'm not sure what C:\content\<ugly_looking_guid>.dat is pointing to, but C:\content\backup is related to the C:\content\db folder, (or wherever the db folder is now). It seems like we aren't telling the internal database where to store the new transaction logs when we move the database folder. Same goes for the dsdata folder. I'd contact Support to get a bug logged.

by MVP

Thanks Jonathan Quinn‌!  I'll work up a support case. 

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by MVP

We had opened a case on this and Esri support was able to reproduce the issue; the following bug was logged: BUG-000129131 - "Despite updating the content path for Portal for ArcGIS to a new physical drive, the application still calls the original drive path"

Outside of the bug, the only other options presented was to try and migrate to a new machine with the correct content directories as documented here - Migrate to new machines—Portal for ArcGIS (10.7 and 10.7.1) | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise 

We have not tried that yet.