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Missing <webadaptor>/ws Endpoint for 10.7 GeoEvent

04-28-2022 08:48 AM
New Contributor II

I have a 10.7 ArcGIS Server GeoEvent setup behind a reverse proxy and a web adaptor for federation/auth reasons. I want to expose the Websocket endpoint to use in a website, but now noticed that the Websocket URL via Web Adaptor and Reverse proxy at<webadaptor>/ws always gives me a 404 - not from ArcGIS, but from Tomcat where the Web Adaptor is running.

I suspect the Web Adaptor 10.7 might not support the /ws endpoint (/rest and /manager work fine though).

Is this known, do I need additional reverse proxy rules?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Have you configured the web socket URL in the ArcGIS Server Admin properties to expose the endpoint? The web socket endpoint isn't exposed by default.

/admin/system/properties -> update properties

"WebSocketContextURL" : "wss://exposed.server/webdaptor"

(if using http "WebSocketContextURL" : "ws://exposed.server/webdaptor")

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New Contributor II

Thanks for the answer, I had set all these settings but it didn't fix that.

Maybe there was also a misunderstanding on my part, after looking through the documentation more,  looks like the websocket endpoint has to be exposed directly and cannot be proxied through a webadaptor under a different port and path.

Meanwhile we have upgraded our server setup but I haven't had the time to revisit this issue yet.

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