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Migrate from PostgreSQL ST_Geom to PostGIS native

04-25-2023 03:27 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Hey. I am considering migrating our geodb from ST_Geom to PostGIS with sde schema (a "proper" geodatabase).

My question is if there's any tool that simply converts a FC from ST_Geom to PostGIS type? It would really make a difference...

If not, does anyone have a suggestion on how to proceed to avoid export/import or copy/paste every single FC?



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Hi, what did you end up doing or finding out?

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Occasional Contributor II

Hey, well I didn't really...

Still on the todo list.

I learned there's a new way to use PostGIS in esri world: since esri needed to be compatible with cloud offerings it's now possible to have a "pure" PostGIS geodatabase without even installing st_geom libraries (

On the other hand, the libs for PostgreSQL 15 are now available (included in the Pro 3.2 download), so the delay to the latest Pg version is not that big ("only" 1 major release).

So I'm pondering... do I just keep st_geom or do I ditch it...

As for how to migrate, my guess is copy/paste every single FC using a script. Which obviously forces a rebuild of all views that reference those FCs and that's why I haven't moved yet.

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