Map Service Config - Using def query

09-30-2016 01:01 PM
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What is the recommended approach for representing a single feature class uniquely in multiple ways within a single map service? 

Task: Represent a single Feature Class in a map service multiple ways.

Current Solution: Copy / Paste that same feature class into a data frame, apply specific definition queries to each copy, apply unique symbology to each copy.  Publish this as a single map service.

Does this conform with best practice?

Are there any additional burdens placed on the ArcGIS Server (extra SOC's)?

Are there BENEFITS to this configuration for ArcGIS Server?

Edit: I should mention that our alternative approach would be to just publish a simplified map service of that single feature class but create multiple unique configurations of Web Layers (ie, with def queries and symbology applied).  I assume this would apply extra burden on the ArcGIS Server site compared to publishing a single map service as I mention above?

We are looking into standardizing along best practices and hope to achieve a solid plan for being more flexible in representation of map services in order to allow user adjustment at the web-end, while keeping map service configuration and maintenance as simple as possible.

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Is it something that can be handled through thematic symbolization? Do they have to be published separately?

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Hi Andrew,

This is a single map service that contains the same feature class that has been added multiple times and apply a unique definition query to each one.  After thinking thru this, I'm under the impression that this is the best approach compared to attempting to apply the def queries to individual web layers.



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