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01-14-2016 11:32 PM
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hi at all,

i would like to use a local basemap using data contain in DVD maps and data for server but these base map have only 10 level zoom

is possible to manage cache of map service for create new tile cache as a tile schema of AGOL service?

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If you have access to actual data, vs the cached sets available on the latest Esri datasets, you can cache at others scales, but I don't think the data files are included, the best you could get is the same image resolution at a larger scale...i.e., like zooming way in to an image or photo, data insnt improved just because the scale is better.

We were discussion the same need today at a user group meeting with no answer at this point.  I'm hoping to test a few things, but not for a few weeks...and I have access to Image Server extension for ArcGIS Server, which gives me a few more options.  Just FYI.

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Maps and Data for ArcGIS are a general purpose set of basemaps. Since it is available on My Esri free of charge, it gives you the ability to hit the ground running with the ArcGIS platform. There are other products that are more focused, such as Data Appliance for ArcGIS. These have an additional cost to them, but give the ability to host more detailed basemaps on-premises. More information about these products can be found here:

ArcGIS Content | Find Content That's Right for You

Data Appliance for ArcGIS | Secure Maps - Data Server