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Mandatory acknowledgment of web service terms and conditions

05-11-2023 09:13 PM
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Is it possible to apply a mandatory acknowledgement of a web service's 'terms and conditions' (e.g. a caveat)? I understand it is possible to create a GUI in a web-app which the user must acknowledge before proceeding. Can something similar be applied at the web-service level?

I want my users to understand a mandatory note must be applied to any products utilising the available web-service. I can write this into the terms and conditions on the Item Description page; however I need it in the user's face as many users will not read the terms and conditions in great detail.

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Web AppBuilder: Splash Widget

Experience Builder: Add a window and set it as Splash


Both of these show a splash screen when you start the app. The user has to acknowledge that screen. Optionally, you can add a checkbox to not show this screen again.

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This must be configured at the application level.

MapServices are usually consumed via JSON/Image Response - the capability of map services to then render an HTML acknowledgement is not currently possible. If you feel this would be a great addition to ArcGIS Server, please use the ArcGIS Ideas page to post your suggestion!

There is the ability to add Document information and Service description which would be present at the map service level, this does not necessarily present itself to the user unless you specifically look for it e.g.

Here's some further reading 🙂

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