Manage Tile Cache: Error 001444 - Failed to submit caching worker job

12-02-2015 04:13 PM
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Hello Everyone,

I have been getting a 001433 error from the Manage Tile Cache tool when trying to create a tile cache. The 'Manage Map Server Cache' Tool is regularly running for 1-3 hours and stopping with the following message:

I am using ArcGIS Server 10.3 to cache a service based on a collection of vector layers that are stored in SQL Server (SDE).   The server has 16gb of RAM and is not used for anything else (at the moment). I am using the compressed tile format and am caching a reasonably small extent (2,220 km2), to the following scales:

  • 18489291.737236 (Fully Created)
  • 9244648.868618 (Fully Created)
  • 4622324.434309 (Fully Created)
  • 2311162.217155 (Fully Created)
  • 1155581.108577 (Fully Created)
  • 577790.554289 (Fully Created)
  • 288895.2714 (Fully Created)
  • 144447.638572 (Fully Created)
  • 72223.819286 (Fully Created)
  • 36111.909643 (Fully Created)
  • 18055.954822 (Fully Created)
  • 9027.977411 (Fully Created)
  • 4519.988705 (Fully Created)
  • 2256.994353 (Fully Created)
  • 1128.497176 (Fully Created)
  • 564.25 (Partially Created)
  • 282.12 (Partially Created)
  • 141.06 (Partially Created)

I have seen the following post (Caching Issue Since SP1 Upgrade ) but I do not think it is relevant as the ArcGIS Server is a different version and has not been recently upgraded.

I realize that at the larger scales the the volume of data exponentially increases and I have tried to run the 'Manage Map Server Tile Cache' tool against individual scale levels and it will still crash after about an hour.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be preventing the tiles from being created.



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I am not sure on the answer but I would double check folder permissions for your cache directory and workspace directory.  I would also check the task manager while caching to see if you are hitting 100%.  If I max number of instance my server will run I always get caching errors.  If I bump the number of services down I dont usually get the errors.

I hope this helps.

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Also since you are running SDE, I wonder if ArcGIS Server cannot access the data after some length of time caching?  Like a server gets restarted, or something times out?  Just thinking and typing.

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I have the same issue.

Sam - did you Philips suggestion work for you?



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Do you have enough free hard disk space to store cached data?

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Yes, I have enough disc space for my area of interest.

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Besides the target location, you may want to check your temp directory on you C: drive.  This does not always get cleared, or not in a timely fashion for larger jobs.  One of the older versions seemed to have a particular problem with this, but I can't remember which one.  We use 10.3.1 with the patches/service packs recommended.

Although I don't recall the exact path since it hasn't been an issue lately, you may want to check


This would be on the machine you are running the command...not necessarily the server.

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Follow pslater‌'s suggestion and make sure you're not overtaxing your Server, which can return the error you're seeing.  For example, if you set your caching instances to equal the amount of cores in your Server, you may want to do one less.