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Make route event layer empty result on server

08-13-2019 09:09 AM
New Contributor III

Hi at all,

I have developed a python script that use a make route agent layer to geo referencing a point or line on a segment. This script works fine on desktop and works fine on ArcGIS server 10.3 as a Geoprocessing Service.

Now i have migrated the script on ArcMap 10.6 ( portal with ArcGIS server federated ) and before to publish as GP, he works fine on Desktop, but on server, the script run as a GP give a empty result with the same data using desktop.

On ArcGIS Server 10.6 to use the make route event layer I need to set the linear referencing license?

Any idea why with a different version on ArcGIS server the GP not works fine?

Any help or idea is great.


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