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05-21-2019 02:48 PM
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For several years I've had custom print templates that I use in Web Appbuilder applications.  Everything has been working fine until just recently.  Now, users get timed out when trying to print.  F12 shows:


I'd thought it might be an issue with my print service in Server, so I figured I'd try recreating the service using my templates.   However I'm thrown by the first step in the process: registering the folder.

The instructions all say that, in ArcMap/Catalog:  "Next to the Registered Folders dialog box, click the Add + Button", but I cannot, for the life of me, find the "Registered Folders" dialog box in ArcCatalog or the Catalog tree in ArcMap.  Where is it?  (v 10.6.1)

The folder with the templates, which is on the server running Enterprise, is already listed and validates in the "Data Stores" section of ArcGIS Server Manager, so I'm not even sure this step is necessary.   I went ahead without registering the folder, and published a new exportwebmap service to use in WAB.

However none of that solves my problem.   I know WAB is finding the correct template folder, because they all show up as Layout options when the Print widget is opened in WAB.   Yet the process seems to time out creating the PDF to print.  

Any thoughts?

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Is it a matter of selecting 'Asynchronous ' rather than 'Synchronous' during publishing (sharing)? I'm not expert and am having issues with custom print templates right now, so I've come across a number of references to the Synch/Asynch issue.

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