Linking Feature Classes Between Multiple GDB's in ArcEnterprise?

04-21-2020 11:28 AM
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Hello, I'm a GIS Administrator, and my team is currently getting our content uploaded to our new ArcEnterprise. We created 4 different GDB's on our SQL server. 1 of the gdb's is our master source of truth. The ultimate goal was to have all the other gdb's feature classes linked to this one. As in, if I were to make a change to one of the master gdb's feature classes it would cascade down to the others. We have feature datasets that are assigned the proper coordinate systems within these gdb's. The one I'm currently interested in linking is our PUBLISH gdb (all datasets within are assigned Web Mercator). I've been moving feature classes from a feature dataset in the master gdb to a feature dataset within the PUBLISH gdb using "copy features" under geoprocessing. This workflow has linked my feature classes, and caused the changes to cascade down between my personal file gdb's. So, I was hoping it would do the same. A friend has advised that I've now created mutually exclusive feature classes. Does any one have any advice for how I can facilitate the designing of the "cascade" between our different Enterprise gdb's? 

-my next route was to try importing them. 

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