License Manager 10.4 - Log messages - repeated 'IN' and 'OUT'

03-27-2017 01:14 PM
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We're using License Manager v 10.4.  In the log, I see on user with repeated lines seconds apart all day long, every day:

9:30:06 (ARCGIS) IN: "ARC/INFO" bedalton@115922A 
 9:30:25 (ARCGIS) OUT: "ARC/INFO" bedalton@115922A 

This user is listed in the opt file as having a reserved ARC INFO license.  Any idea why?


In addition, there are numerous 'UNSUPPORTED'  ... (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS) messages  for different users and different UNSUPPORTED items  - example:

 9:30:54 (ARCGIS) UNSUPPORTED: "Tracking" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS   ) cgoforth@115841A  (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327))

9:29:42 (ARCGIS) UNSUPPORTED: "VBA" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS   ) cgoforth@115841A  (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327))

9:06:19 (ARCGIS) UNSUPPORTED: "Tracking" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS   ) bedalton@115922A  (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327))
 9:06:30 (ARCGIS) UNSUPPORTED: "Tracking" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS   ) bedalton@115922A  (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327))
 9:07:02 (ARCGIS) UNSUPPORTED: "Tracking" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS   ) bedalton@115922A  (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327))
 9:07:39 (ARCGIS) UNSUPPORTED: "Tracking" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS   ) bedalton@115922A  (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327))
 9:07:56 (ARCGIS) UNSUPPORTED: "Tracking" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS   ) bedalton@115922A  (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327))
 9:08:27 (ARCGIS) UNSUPPORTED: "Tracking" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS   ) bedalton@115922A  (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,327))

We're using ArcGIS Desktop v10.2.2,  License Manager version 10.4.   Are these messages specific to a map document or extension?


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This user is listed in the opt file as having a reserved ARC INFO license.  Any idea why?

The .opt file is created and maintained by "you" or your license manager administrator.  It is not modified automatically, so if you have a reserved ARC INFO license it is probably because, at one time anyway, you were trying to make sure that user always had one of the advanced licenses available.  With that said, I have had no luck ever getting the "reserve" to work as expected, but "exclude" seems to work well, even on groups of users.

re: the duplicate OUT /IN.  we have some users that for some reason also do this with TRACKER. I worked with tech support several years ago and could never get the reasoning tracked down. They didn't have it checked or even installed in some cases (back in versions that we did just install ALL).  It is annoying any messy in the logs, but we haven't found it to cause any noticeable issues, so we just ignore it now.  If you get a answered however, Ill give it a try too.

edit: it would be good to make sure all you client machines have the Tracking extension unchecked in both ArcCatalog and ArcMap ....that may stop it.

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Another question, how are you using the Exclude option?

Thanks Rebecca!

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We actually maintain three license managers....they are on servers, so they don't reboot unintentionally, etc., but they are as stripped down as possible.  

  1. We have about 250 users in what we refer to as "the Arcview pool" but it actually has a mix of AV/basic, ArcInfo/Advanced, (about 40 core), a handful/variety of extensions, and I've actually transfers some of our pro to the concurrent LM (but not all, just so we have options).  Most of out users (techs, biologists, etc) are in this pool.  We do not let users "borrow" from this due to not being able to use the opt file to limit what/who/length some can be checked...all or nothing.
  2. our second LM has just half-dozen core AV and a couple extensions and are limited to borrow for max 14 days without re-upping.  This is to prevent anyone from taking it out for the summer season and thus having it become an eclusive license...they should have their own in that case.  The time limit is for that and also so they will timeout if the laptop drops off the side of the boat, or users forget to unborrow when they return.  The pain about this is they have to use desktop admin to switch between when needing to go offline.
  3. the third LM is for the six full time GIS employees and we all have ArcInfo (I actually have multiple for mutineers caching on a server, etc) and a few extensions.  Small  group, easy to deal with.

those in 1and 2 above are scattered all over the state (Alaska) so even with email, communicating to all is sometimes like wrangling a herd of cats, but in general, this has worked well.

Occasionally we hit our limit, and if someone can't get in after waiting a while, trying after hours, etc., they email and I have a bat (script) file that can tell me right away who has the licenses...I email the ones using the needed license and let them work out timing (typically its for the advanced or an extension, so short list)

...because I'm doing this from my iPad, and it tends to eat long responses, I'm going to send this and answer the rest in another comment.

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(I think I got my responses out of order)

re: the excluding option...I'm assuming you have already looked at  Using the options file—License Manager Guide | ArcGIS Desktop 

How we use the exclude file is to block users that leave our Department (they could have the same login at a different Department in the State) or that have "dropped" our of our pool (didn't pay their share for the next year) or maybe just change jobs and someone new takes their slot.  Since including users is harder (I would have to list all allowed), I block them instead.

 I am not able to access the file right now, but it is basically..  

GROUP <groupname >    username1  username2 username3 ....     

GROUP <groupname1>   usernameX ....

EXCLUDEALL groupname

EXCLUDEALL groupname2

  • I make multiple groups for easy organization, and I give them names that make sense drop2016, drop2017, retired, etc.   I have never found a limit on number of groups
  • you do not need to stop/start the license the license file will read the .opt file.  If in doubt, check the status log and you will see where it reads in new groups.
  • ive only had success with EXCLUDEALL but you in theory should be able to exclude them from just one type of software.
  • I use lower case for all my usernames and it has always worked.  Might be how our users are setup, but I would try  that.
  • keywords are all cap (I think that is required) and make sure if you specify a product that you use the keyword as defined in the help
  • sometimes the help that comes with the license manager software, although not as polished looking, it may have some better info on keyword.  That used to be the case, but it's been a while since I looked.
  • we run the latest version of license manager since it is always is backwards compatible  we use 10.5.x

that's my experience after a decades in my organization, but that doesn't mean that others haven't been able to get things to work.  I was always testing the opt file with each release to see if it was better, but after 10.3.x  still not working, I've given up trying. Although I need to clean up our opt file some (after years of creating groups) but it does work well for us.

one caution about something we run into.  We have seasonal users and all I know for sure is they have left employment (email no longer exists), so I block their user account.  Months later they come back and get a message that they do not have a valid license.  We run thru the typical tests (pointing to valid LM, add the timeout, etc), I scratch my head and then remember to check whether they are blocked in the opt file.  You may not run into that, but doesn't hurt to mention.

hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply - 

1.   License Manager on v10.4.   We recently replaced the server that the ArcGIS License Manager was loaded on.  When we loaded it on a new server, we loaded the latest version since it was supposedly compatible with ArcGIS Desktop v10.2.2.   We have about 90 desktops here and they will be migrated to Desktop version 10.4 later this year.  

2.  Reserved List - I'm glad to hear we aren't the only ones have this problem.  I don't think it's ever worked well.  We have 10 concurrent Advanced licenses, 6 of which are supposed to be dedicated to 6 individuals (they will be purchasing more concurrent licenses shortly).  But it's not assigning them correctly.   When a reserved user logs on, it may connect to a reserved license or it may not connect to a non-reserved license.  We see the second case most often, and this now uses up two licenses for the one user since it still has a reserved license unavailable to anyone else.  

And sometimes it connects with the userid in lower case, sometimes in initial caps.  We've tried making sure the opt file userids match the Active Directory, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.  

My Network Analyst researched the reserved list in the 10.4 version and tried setting up a reserved group, then assigning users to it.  But it still is not working correctly. Here's the new opt file  that we put into place last night:

      GROUP G1 BDavidson cmullan DRedden bedalton MPlyler CGoforth

I'll check with my ArcGIS Administrator, but I'd like to just enter a trouble call with ESRI to try and get this resolved.  If I get anywhere I will most certainly share.

3.  Tracker extension - I checked 2-3 users, but they don't have the Tracking extension turned on, and I don't think we own it.  If it's not causing any problems, I'll leave it be as well.


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