Adding Cores in VMware to exsiting Server Installation

03-27-2017 01:03 PM
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Will ArcGIS for Server (10.4.1) recognize and take advantage of adding additional cores to an existing Server Installation?  Our server was originally setup in VMware (Simplivity) with 2 cores and I am wondering if I will need to reinstall Server after IT adds 2 additional cores to bring it up to 4?

I found a really old post - Allocating more vCPUs after ArcGIS Server installation. (WMWare, 9.3.1) and not sure if it is relevant anymore

Is there somewhere in Server Admin, Manager, or somewhere else to check what resources are being used on the Server?  Like a Windows System Information?


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Hot-Add live action to add them with VMware native.

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Testing it on our Test Servers with more CachingTool instances running seems to confirm it works fine.