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Learning about Oracle JOIN types, etc.

06-12-2022 12:38 PM
Honored Contributor

As a non-DBA/developer, I’ve always found resources about SQL joins to be clunky.

I came across a resource recently that I found helpful:

One thing I like about that list is: it accounts for join name synonyms (variations in join names) via the words in brackets. 
Another thing I like: the list of join types is actually complete (unlike most join lists). For example, it includes information about CROSS JOIN LATERAL in the Additional Joins link, which is a join type that’s often overlooked (use case here).

In general, I really like It’s much better than the Oracle docs, which seems to be missing a lot of key information, are hard to read, and out-of-date. And seem to be meant for people who are already experts on the content. Whereas is the opposite of all those things.

Many people will already know about that resource, but some might not, so I thought I’d share.


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