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09-29-2021 12:05 AM
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My question relates to some pretty old posts but I wanted to know if there are any updates to this issue.


I have a web application using  ArcGIS API for JavaScript. I have a scale bar on the map and it changes units between meters and kilometers depending on the scale (ScaleBar unit = 'metric'). That works just as I want it to work. I have a printing widget on client side and printing utils on ArcGIS server. I use my custom layout for printing. Problem is that I cant find a way for the scale bar units on the layout to switch between meters and kilometers depending on the scale of the map. I would like it to work the same way as scale bar units work in my web application.


I found a workaround ( but this doesn't solve the original problem of overlapping tick labels when scale is quite large or small.

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