Layer in Map Image Layer doesn't display in past a range but no visibility limits set

07-08-2021 09:46 AM
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I publish Map Image Layers to our most accessed maps as to group categories of layers, such that layers like washes and flood plains are collapsed under Hydrology.  Today I overwrote the map image layer to update it and one layer in the group now will not display in past 1:36,112. There are no limits set on the layer's visibility both in Pro before uploading or on the online map after.

                                   Before                                                                                     After

ChristopherBertrand_1-1625759458312.png ChristopherBertrand_0-1625759292905.png

The disappearing layer when uploaded as a feature service displays fine and as you can see from the second image the layer is there and selectable, just invisible.


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You need to check on the tile cache.  Make sure it is set to the min scale you need it to be visible, then update the tiles.

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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