LAS point management for the enterprise.

11-16-2015 03:08 PM
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Still adjusting to ArcServer 10.3.1 from ArcServer 9.3.  In the dark old days,  I just put my selected LIDAR multipoints, and breaklines in SDE geodatabase feature datasets and produced several kinds of terrains for the users.  But now in this 10.x plus era,  users can generate different kinds of views directly from the LAS points.   Although it seems like I could create mosaic datasets in my new enterprise geodatabase,  I'm wondering if there is a role for the enterprise geodatabase for the LAS points and the LAS datasets.  What are best practices for allowing my power users access to the LAS point data, while allowing read only access to my occasional users? Just keep the LAS points in folders,  and regulate access by Windows user accounts?  Is there any role for also storing LAS data as multipoint feature classes? Is terrain generation still needed? 

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