Symbology problem in geoprocesing service

11-16-2015 07:56 AM
New Contributor

The output of my geoprocesing service in ArcGis Server 10.2 is a feature class, this feature class has a symbology file from a layer file (.lyr)

The problems is that the output feature class is represents by unique value, this unique value field is a product of many operations inside the service so always will be diferent a sometimes will be a 30 unique values and sometimes will be a 7.

The layer file from that defines the symbology has uncheck the -all other values- check box, I used a color ramp, random color ramp, present color... and always in the output have a maximum thirteen color and then the color 14 is the same of the color 1, I mean the output features class has a 13 color and then repeat the same 13 until fill all the symbology.

What can I do to have a more color for outputs than more of 13 unique value?

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