Labels and PopUp fields On Web SCENE Shows Domain Codes instead of Description

08-11-2022 07:57 PM
New Contributor II

Dear All,

I am working on utility network and I have published some polylines and points to enterprise portal. Loading the feature layer in web map and clicking the pop up shows what I expect it to show, but I have problems trying to show the correct displaying field.

For the label expression I already set it as DomainName($feature, 'ASSETGROUP'), yet you could see that the label is still showing the domain code instead of the text "Manhole".



In Web scene, the situation is worse. Using the same feature layer, this time everything is showing the domain value.


Are there any ways that I could make it show the description instead of the domain codes? I've tried to configure the label / popup settings before I publish the layer but with no effect.  

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