Issue Deleting Services in Portal - ArcFMMapServer is not a valid extension type for MapServer

05-14-2021 08:12 AM
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We have issue deleting services; when we try to delete it, we get a message that it is not possible and the service stops.

The server is Windows Server 2016 , ArcGIS Enteprise 10.7.1 (patches appied) and has ArcFM Server 10.6.1b in addition to ArcFM Objetc Reader 10.6.1b. When ArcFM Server was installed the extension was registered, as part of the normal process (ArcFM services works fine).

Currently when trying to delete a service (non ArcFM) in the Portal we get an error stating that the item is protected and cannot be deleted, but in reality the item is not protected (only happens with services, maps, viewers in WAB etc. can be deleted normally).

Portal and ArcGIS GIS Server have been put in debug (log) and  indicates that it is a problem with the ArcFM Server extension.

Failed to delete item 'https://server/webadaptor/rest/services/servicename/MapServer' (id:6a6e893b...f5a). java.lang.RuntimeException: 'ArcFMMapServer' is not a valid extension type for 'MapServer'.

The extension has been removed (https://server/webadaptor/admin/services/types/extensions/unregister > Miner.Server.soe), restarted ArcGIS GIS Server service and check; later I reinstall ArcFM Server, enable the soe, check the license etc. but it didn't work, still can't remove the services.

Any ideas? Is there any other process to unregister the extension from already published services?


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