Is there an easy option for SQL Server Enterprise / AWS all-in-one deployment?

06-20-2018 10:15 AM
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After quick review of deployment options for ArcGIS Enterprise in AWS, an all-in-one option, the AMIs, CloudBuilder, etc. create a SQL Server Express edition instance. I have seen AWS itself offers Windows with SQL Server Enterprise edition instances. I'm just going around a bit on readily getting both (not subscribed on MSDN anymore), an all-in-one ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, and an Enterprise geodatabase to couple with ArcGIS Server, on one "box", for testing, using AMIs or other tools. My reasoning is to test the ArcGIS Network extension, and demo the ArcGIS Enterprise deployment in general to help explain it to our IT, outside of production, quickly and cheaply, and turn off the instance when I go home.

Is there an easy option I have not seen, or more likely I have not understood, for this? - Thanks, Lee

Self Answer? - now just need to get the time to do this...

-One way may be to do the all-in-one ArcGIS Enterprise AMI or same with cloud builder / CLI. Then fire up another Amazon EC2 / AWS instance including their AWS AMI with SQL Server, Enterprise Edition. Then enable that database instance as an Enterprise Geodatabase, connect that ArcGIS all-in-one (ArcGIS Server only I think, same license authorization) to that separate server's database. And re-connect or whatever if needed after turning instances off and on.

-Also maybe use Cloud Builder with amazon RDS for sql server, this link says there is an option. Not sure this meets ArcGIS Utility Network extension requirements but if it enables an Enterprise geodb and not Express, maybe...

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