Is there an advantage to installing an arcgis web adaptor in the DMZ?

10-29-2018 07:26 AM
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I'm trying to architect a new ArcGIS Portal site. I see ESRI has instructions on configuring a reverse proxy to work with a web adapter installed on the network. However I have also seen sources talking about installing the web adapter directly on a DMZ web server and registering it with a portal on the network. Is there an advantage to doing it this way?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Well, in one approach, it's making an extra hop, (RP -> WA -> Portal), rather than going straight to the Portal, (RP -> Portal or WA -> Portal). Some organizations only want standard ports through the firewall, though, (80/443). If the WA is in the DMZ, then ports 7443/7080 need to be open through the firewall. In that case, they'd configure the WA within the internal network and have the RP send traffic in through 80/443.