Portal Scale Cached Service Basemap

10-30-2018 05:58 AM
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We have a cached tile ArcGIS service. The largest scale is 1:500.    The problem is we have some other data overlaying on the service in Portal that doesn’t turn on until 1:300. In ArcMap and other ESRI applications, you can zoom in beyond the cache level as far as you want.   For example, in ArcMAP I can load the cached service with the max scale at 500 and still zoom in to 1:250.   ArcGIS Portal however does not allow you to do this and is limited by the resolution/scale of the base map.   It is a huge volume of data and I don’t want to generate another level in the cache.   Is there a way in ArcGIS Portal you are aware of to allow additional zoom beyond the tiled level as in ArcMap etc.?

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