Is it possible to add both a feature layer and a map image layer of the same data to a web map?

10-18-2021 11:20 AM
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I have a feature class in my sde database. It is shared as a registered layer to my organization. 

On the web map, the feature layer doesn't like to draw. I get a message saying there may be too many features to display. The map image layer of the same data draws perfectly. 

I have a separate polygon layer that represents markets. That layer has a popup that should (ideally) sum up the totals of attributes from the other layer from features within the polygon. I have the attribute expression configured to do that, but it only works on the feature layer--it won't sum up the attributes from the map image layer. 

So, ideally I'd like to have both on the map, and just make the features transparent for the feature layer. That way, I would have the data from the feature layer and the visualization from the map image layer.

However, every time I try to add both, the web map removes the feature layer. If I remove the map image layer, the feature layers show up again. 

Is there some trick to getting them both on there? 

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I just tried and it worked for me.  Please check this out:

All I did was this:

- I added the map image layer first (
- then added the feature layer using this url

please let me know if I misunderstood anything.

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