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Internal communication between server and portal

04-02-2023 07:37 PM
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Hello, Everyone

I hope all folks are fine. I am installing HA environment. I am about to federate the hosting server with portal but I wanted to test all communication before federation. I have a public load balancer and internal load balancer. I installed the first WA and did not configure Web Context nor Private portal URLs. I just wanted to test that the two machines of portal are able to communicate to the two machine of hosting through the internal load balancer. My question is when I type (lb.ArcGISServer.domain:6443) in the browser (from portal machine) I am able to reach one of the ArcGIS Server machines, but when I type (lb.Portal.domain:7443) in the browser (from ArcGIS Server machine) it redirect me to the WA of Portal. Is this a normal behavior? and if so why this does not happen in the first case above.

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It is expected behaviour.  Everything will redirect unless there is a PrivatePortalUrl.  That must be set for 'internal' comms.  I'd strongly recommend setting the WebContextURL then PrivatePortalURL parameters as early as possible.  Note that the privateportalURL must be the Alias Name of your load balancer, and not one of the portal host machines...

Scott Tansley