Image service best practices

02-03-2016 07:29 AM
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We want to create Image Services out of our orthophotos (tiff files ~500Gg) and are wondering whether we need the Image Server Extension or not. We cover different MTM Zones so the images are projected in 4 different projections systems. We would create different Image services based on different region. They will be used as basemaps, view only, no analysis required.

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You don't need to create an image service if you're not planning on performing any analysis on the service; you can use a simple map service and cache it.  If you are planning to use mosaic datasets, though, you'll need the Image Server Extension.

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You may want to look thru these to documents...

Create Cache and TPK without ArcGIS for Server - Workflows for Desktop users

Publish a Tiled Service to ArcGIS Online w/o ArcGIS for Server or Utilizing Your Credits

From my recent experience, creating a mosaic dataset and using the Image Server Extension for createing a cache allowed me to add an additional 4 scales (14 LODs instead of 10) and reduced the amount of caching time from 8 weeks to about 10 days.  To me that alone makes it worth it.  PLus other functions can be used with services for things like hillshade, slop, aspect, and other byproducts of raster/mosaic datasets can be used in services on-the-fly and not be cached. I have not done this yet and do not have a good list of these other functions, but that is promising for us.  However, the cost is a chunk of money, so you have to weigh the options.

Mosaic data sets to services will allow you to take data from different coordinate systems, and produce a single service without having to reproject or duplicate the data.  However, if using it for a base map, I would probably still cache this....that is my preference. we have about 2TB of imagery.

Other links that are helpful (sme links are still 10.2 ...copying and pasting from another doc):

Key concepts for Image Services ArcGIS for Server (Windows) - Key concepts for image services  

image management guide book   Image Management

ArcGIS Image Management Workflows (AGOL listing)

Imagery community and blog 
Imagery | ArcGIS Resource Center
imagery script (from AGOL…zip file)

(....I need to reread these myself!)

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Rebecca,

Useful info.


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I agree with both responses so far, the response of our mosaics after creating Image Services has been great, just for loading and displaying the data.