How To Update EDN License in 10.2+ ArcSDE safely?

03-09-2015 01:15 PM
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How do I do this?

When I used to install the sde commands, it was a simple sdesetup -o command.

Now, with ESRI strongly suggesting to NOT install the sde command tools, how do I update my soon to expire EDN license key?

I can not find it in the ArcCatalog's Toolbox  - where the sde commands were moved to...

I have found two tools that allow me to insert the ecp key file:

A) Data Management Tools \ Geodatabase Administration \ Create Enterprise Geodatabase

B) Data Management Tools \ Geodatabase Administration \ Enable Enterprise Authorization Geodatabase

What are the effects if I run one of these on an existing sde server?

At this time, I don't want to update sde from 10.2.2 to 10.3, I only want to update the license key so it will not expire next week. I am not ready to update my GIS servers to 10.3.

If I run these tools from a 10.3 ArcCatalog, will it also attempt to update the database version?

I personally recall and have seen posts where after the key has expired I would be prompted for a new key file. I'd rather not wait until this happens to update it.

Or is there a simple way I have been unable to find?

Please Advise & Thanks

Mark Littell

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Hi Mark,

The only way to safely update the SERVER_CONFIG table value for the license is with the command line tools. You can install them up to the 10.2.2 release. There is a request for a GP tool to be created to update the license file post 10.3 release.

Here is a blog that reviews how to update the license before it expires: Updating the license for ArcSDE enterprise geodatabases at 10.1 | Support Services Blog

The two tools that you referenced are for creating/enabling the geodatabase functionality in a supported RDBMS. They do not update the license in an existing enterprise geodatabase.

Hopefully this help!


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--- George T.
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Thanks for your input George.

I've read that blog and others similar to it. I was hoping ESRI would step up with a script or tool.

I have this problem on 10.2.2, (license to expire) on both Windows & Linux servers.

So basically, the best thing for me to do is to wait for the SDE EDN license to expire, then apply the new EDN license when prompted as I attempt connection in Arc Catalog.

Otherwise I have to install the SDE commands for a quick 2 minute process.

I guess I will have to rebuild my Linux 10.3 server to use the newer EDN license.

Can I bill ESRI for my time?

My customer won't be happy.